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New Poll Numbers Released In Senate, Governor Races

RALEIGH, NC. -- Two new polls offer the latest numbers on Kentucky's hotly contested senate race and next year's race for the governor's mansion.

North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling found the Senate Minority Leader at 44%, over 40 percent for Democrat Grimes, and 7% for Libertarian David Patterson.  The poll shows that McConnell remains unpopular- and among the undecided voters McConnell has just a 10% approval rating to 66% of voters who disapprove of him. 

Looking ahead to next year's race for governor, Public Policy Polling finds a wide open race. Republicans are closely split on who they want their candidate to be - 25% say Matt Bevin to 20% for James Comer, 18% for Hal Heiner, and 11% for Cathy Bailey. In a head to head Heiner leads Comer by six percent,. Democrat Jack Conway leads all of the Republicans in potential general election match ups.


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